Ways to Earn Money Quickly by Investing

Ways to Earn Money Quickly by Investing

Want to earn money quickly? Investing your money into various financial instruments can help you earn great returns. Let’s look at some of the ways where you can invest your money to earn good return.

Real Estate : Buying and selling properties is one of the ways to invest your money and earn a good return. You can invest in real estate in various ways such as buying rental property, vacant land, real estate mutual fund, house flipping etc.


Play with the Stock Market : Stock market is an investment platform where you can invest in various instruments like debenture, bond, certificate of deposit, shares etc. If one wants to take less risk and needs fixed income then they should invest in debenture but if you want to earn high profit and are ready to bear high risk they should invest in shares.

Commodity Market : One could invest in the commodity market to earn quickly. This market is basically categorised into four segments namely energy, metal, agriculture, livestock. You can invest in this market through futures or forward contracts.

Options : Options are another great derivative market instrument to earn good return from your investment. It is a financial instrument whose value is derived from the underlying asset. Here  the buyer gets the right but not the obligation to buy or sell the underlying asset on or before a particular date at a specific price.

ULIP : ULIP is an insurance plus investment plan where you invest both in life insurance plus  investment instruments through a single contract. This solves two of your requirements i.e. life cover as well as earning from investment. 

Online Games : It looks funny and unreal but it’s true. You can also earn by investing your money in online games like Royal07. This is an online game of ludo where you can earn money by playing the game of ludo. Two ways to earn money through this app is either by referring the game to your friends or by playing and winning the game. Play ludo and earn money with Royal07.

Peer to Peer Lending : This is a kind of borrowing and lending where no financial institute is involved .There are peer to peer lending websites which connects borrowers to investors. You can earn a good return by lending your idle money to the needy people on a rate depending on the risk profile of the borrower.

Gold : It is one of the safest ways to invest your money and earn return on. There are many ways in which you can invest in this precious metal. Few of the ways are buying gold bonds, gold jewellery, goin coins, gold bars etc.

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