Tricks to Win the Game of Ludo

Tricks to Win the Game of Ludo

Playing games is a fun activity. Games are also a good source of entertainment and joy. It improves the concentration power and sharpens the brain. It is also a stress buster. Nowadays, online games have become a new source of income. Games companies are promoting their gaming app by offering schemes like “Play and earn money”. If a player wins the game, the winning amount is immediately transferred to his wallet digitally. This has boosted the interest of players in online games and hence made winning so important. So, here are some tricks to win your all-time favourite game ‘LUDO’.

Magical tricks to play Ludo wisely and Win in no time:

  •     Focus on your opponent’s move.
  •     Aim should be to open all your pieces when you get 6. Don’t wait for the next chance.
  •     Try to block your opponent from all sides.
  •     Avoid taking risks when your piece is about to reach the finishing point.
  •     Never rely on one piece, keep most of your piece moving.
  •     Always try to keep one piece at the starting point especially at the beginning of the game.
  •     Don’t lose patience when your opponent kills you.
  •     Think before you act. Try to choose the best possible way.
  •     Always focus on killing your opponent.
  •     Don’t kill your opponent when your piece is at finishing point and at the same time your opponent has another piece just behind yours.
  •     Move your piece when you get a large number, so that your opponent could not reach you easily.
  •     Keep your pieces at a stop point to save it from being killed.
  •     Try to memorize the number you need in your next move.
  •     In a situation where getting killed is inevitable and all your pieces are at a safe point, move that piece which is closest to the starting point.
  •     Play the game again and again to master it.

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