Risk Free Investment Schemes<br><br>

Risk Free Investment Schemes

Do you want to invest your savings into investment schemes with low or no risk? Here is the list of few such investment avenues.

Fixed Deposit : It is one of the best risk free investment avenues. You have to just open a fixed deposit account account with the trusted and highest interest rate offering bank. It is a way to earn good return with no risk. Here, the amount is blocked for the period you fixed it for. You can withdraw the amount at the end of maturity period.

Saving Account : Another easy way to earn good return on your investment with negligible risk is to deposit your fund in a bank by opening a savings account. Here you can withdraw the amount as per your wish through net banking, ATM, cheque or by other means.

Government Bonds :  It is another great investment instrument. Government securities are secure as well as liquid.  You can withdraw your money by selling it in the stock market. 

Online Games : It is a new risk free way to earn profit. Here you have to play and win games to make money. You can also earn money through referring the apps to your friends and family. Let’s take an example of Royal07, is one of the best online ludo games where you can make money easily. You can earn money while playing. The investment required is very minimal. Minimum investment required here is Rs. 50. This ludo earning app gives you a way to earn money by playing and winning the game or by referring the app or liking their facebook page. There are many such paytm earning app where you can earn real money online in no time. Play ludo and earn money.

Annuity : This is an investment for your retirement days. Annuity is an investment instrument where you invest periodically during your earning days and get paid after a fixed period of time (generally after your retirement) at regular intervals. You also get tax benefits in this scheme. They also act as a life insurance in case the person dies. The family member receives a lump sum amount on the death of the annuitant.

Pension Schemes : You can invest in pension schemes as they provide tax benefits as well as act as a constant income source after your retirement. Some of the pension plans also act as life insurance as in the case of a pensioner's death, the nominee gets the lump sum amount.

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