Productive Things to do during Lockdown

Productive Things to do during Lockdown

Nobody likes to sit idle at home. But due to nationwide lockdown, people have no other option than to sit at home without doing any productive work. This is irritating and frustrating. It is very painful for productive people to sit idle doing nothing productive. Spending time in lockdown is just not easy. People have started wasting their time by engaging themselves in unproductive activities like watching movies, sleeping etc. Lockdown was lifted in India at the end of May due to its negative consequences on the economy and on people’s life. The number of coronavirus cases is still rising rapidly which indicates that lockdown could be imposed once again. Here is the list of few productive things that one could do during lockdown.


Read Good Books: Reading books is the best leisure time activity. This improves your vocabulary and reading skills. You also gain knowledge. You can pick the book from the area of your interest.

Play Game Online: One could play online games to earn money. There are many exciting games available on play stores. You just have to download the game and start playing. Games are not just a means of entertainment but you can also acquire a number of skills.You can easily play online ludo game and earn money.

Earn Money Online: There are various online means through which you can earn money. For example, play ludo and earn paytm cash, data entry, blog writing, digital marketing etc. One of the easiest ways among them is to play online games and earn real money.

Attend Webinar and e-workshop: Many institutes are organising webinar and e-workshops on various topics. You can attend any of these based on your area of interest. The registration fees are very nominal. You can learn new skills and acquire knowledge just by spending a few hours a day.

Cooking: You could cook new dishes at home. You can experiment with new ingredients and try something really different. This way you can explore your hidden skills. Cooking is fun. If you are new to cooking, you could take help from online videos available on youtube and could read good food blogs. 

Write a Good Article: If you are good at writing then you could try writing articles on some current issues like coronavirus, US and China war etc. Once you become an expert in article writing you could then start writing a book. 

Join certificate courses Online: Certificates courses both paid and free are available online. E-learning platforms like swayam, edx etc have introduced a number of free certificate courses during the lockdown. Companies like Tata, Infosys etc have also launched free online courses for students, entrepreneurs etc. 

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