Popular Board Games Made A Digital Comeback

Popular Board Games Made A Digital Comeback

Board games are always fun to play. Craze for board games is still alive. People are playing board games even today along with their friends and family in their leisure time. These board games have made an entry onto digital platforms. Now, one could play these games online through their mobile phone or on computer. Online games have many advantages over traditional one. The biggest problem with traditional games was to search for the players to play with but with online games you need not waste your time in searching for people. The online games provide you real time players from across the world. Online board games have some additional features and various modes to meet the different mood of the players. It also gives you a chance to win many exciting prizes. Here is the list of some popular board games which are available on digital platforms.

Ludo: This is one of the most popular board game. It is a perfect family game. It has always been in the game list of every kid. Various gaming companies have launched ludo game applications which are easily available online. One could download the application either from their website or from the playstore. Royal07 is an online ludo application which has recently been launched. It has come up with a new feature which enables you to earn money online. You just have to play ludo and earn paytm cash.

Snake & Ladder: This is another simple and fun game and all time favourite of kids. This game is simple and easy to play. It could be played by minimum two and maximum four players. The player has to reach the end point by defending themselves from the snake and taking the help of ladder. Snakes are a hindrance while ladders are helpers. Snakes & ladders king, Snakes & ladders master are few good applications which you could download to play snake & ladder online.


Carrom: It is an Indian origin board game which is very popular among kids and youngsters. This game can be played by minimum two and maximum four players. Digital version of carrom is made available by various gaming companies. Carrom 3D, Carrom pool, Carrom King are some of the good online carrom applications with a good number of downloads.

Chess: It is another popular Indian origin game which is derived from chaturanga. It is a two player board game. It is played on a white and black check board. There are a total of 32 pieces which are divided into two colors i.e. black and white. A pack of 16 pieces include a king, a queen, eight pawns, two pieces each of knight, rooks, bishops. This game is now available at digital platforms from where you can play and earn real money. You just have to download the application like Big time chess, MBChess, Chess2play to make money quickly. 

UNO : It is a card game originated in America .The deck of cards includes wild card, number card (0-9) of four different colours, draw two, draw four, stop, skip, reverse etc. There are a total of 108 cards. UNO& Friends is the digital version of UNO. With the digital version, you need not to worry anymore about your cards. Download the app now to enjoy this game anytime and from anywhere.  

Scrabble: This is one of the best games to improve and test your vocabulary. Player scores marks on framing an english word. Classic word solo, wordfeud, words with friends etc are some of the online scrabble games. 

Tambola : It is a popular game played across the world. It is known by various names such as housie, bingo, tambola etc.This game is about digits. It is a ticket based game which has numbers on it. The player who gets all digits crossed wins the game. One could play with as many tickets as he wants. Tambola housie is the digital version of this game.Download the app to play and win exciting prizes.

Recently, a Housie application named ‘Housie Quiz’ has been launched by entrepreneur Raj Kundra where you can play and earn money.

Monopoly : It is a business game where you can buy and sell properties and build hotels and houses on it. This is played by rolling two dice at a time. Various monopoly applications have been launched with new features. Classic monopoly, monopoly bingo are some of the best online applications one could download to play it.

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