Play Ludo and Earn Paytm Cash                             

Play Ludo and Earn Paytm Cash                             

Earning money is no more a difficult job in this digital world. One could earn money using various means through different digital platforms. One of the trending ways of earning money online is by playing online games. It may sound funny and unreal but it's a fact that one could make money online just by playing and winning games. One just needs to select the game of their choice, download the application which offers exciting prizes on winning, play and win the game and the winning amount is all yours. 

The game which is easy to play and win should be chosen as it will increase your chance of winning and earning. Ludo is one of the easiest games to play. You have been playing this game since your childhood. We all are very much familiar with this game and it’s rules. Making money by playing this game will be a child play. There are a number of Ludo game applications available at google and apple play store. But one needs to find the most promising application on playstore. One should look at the rating, customer reviews, number of downloads and features of the application before downloading it. Royal07 is one of the best Ludo applications which empowers you to earn real money by playing and winning the game.

On Royal07, you have to follow a few easy steps to make money online. The steps are as follows:

  • Download the app from the website
  • Register yourself by providing your details 
  • Play and win  the game
  • Redeem your diamond by making a request.
  • Your paytm wallet is credited with the winning amount after approval & processing of the redemption request. 

The application is loaded with other features besides cash prize. There are four modes namely private mode, two player, four player and free play. One could choose the mode as per their mood. If you want to compete with just one player you can choose two player mode, when you want to compete with more than one choose four player mode. When you are not confident, choose free play to practise the game. One need to pay Rs. 50 for two and four player mode and Rs. 500 for private mode. People with low investment could choose two/four player mode while players who are willing to invest more could choose private mode.

Royal07 organises ludo tournaments regularly. The rules of the tournament are very simple. You just have to register yourself for the tournament and pay the entry fee. The player with maximum wins will win the game.

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