Paytm Investment Schemes<br><br>

Paytm Investment Schemes

Paytm Money : Paytm has launched an app named Paytm money which provides you a platform to invest in different financial instruments under one roof. 

a) Mutual Fund : You can invest in a mutual fund directly through paytm money app. There is no  commission or any other charges on buying and selling of mutual funds.  You can open your account within 30 min with 100% digital KYC facility. You can earn upto one percentage extra return. You can analyse various mutual funds, company financial records etc for free. All forty mutual fund companies of India are available here.

b) Stocks : You can start your demat account in just few minutes and in a paperless manner. There is no brokerage on trading in stocks. They charge Rs. 0.01 at the time of delivery of stock in your demat account and Rs. 10 on per intraday trade. You can pick any security of your choice. It is the simplest and quickest way to trade in the stock market with a user friendly interface.

c) National Pension Scheme : You can create a good amount of corpus for your after retirement days by investing in National Pension Scheme. You can also save tax by availing a deduction of amount upto Rs. 50,000 by investing in this scheme.

Paytm Gold : If you want to buy gold and you are not in a mood to go to a jeweller's shop to buy it. You can try buying it digitally through Paytm app. For this you have to first log in to your Paytm account. Choose the gold option i.e. quantity or amount. Next you need to enter the quantity or amount that you want to buy. Then you have to select the payment mode. Once you make the payment, the gold is stored into your paytm locker.

Advantages of buying gold through Paytm 

  • You get 24 carat gold  i.e. 99.99% genuine.
  • Minimum investment required is Rs. 1 and maximum you could invest is 1.5 lakh
  • Additional charge i.e custody will be levied after five years.
  • You can convert your gold into gold coins but making charges will be applicable.

Online Games : There are many paytm earning online gaming app which gives you opportunity to earn paytm cash by making small investment. lThey are a new income source. You can play online games and earn cash instantly. For instance, Royal07 is an online ludo game as well best ludo earning app where you can earn real money by investing an amount as small as Rs. 50 and could double your investment in no time. On winning the game of ludo you will get Rs. 50 just double the amount you invested. There are two ways of earning paytm cash through this app First way is to play and win the game and the second way is to refer the app to your friends and family. Play ludo and earn money through this app. It is one of the great paytm earning app where you can earn paytm cash through referral.

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