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Doing things using the computer and internet is called an online state while state where things are done manually without being connected to any network is an offline mode. Today, we are living in a world with online and offline mode. Before the introduction of the internet, activities were performed in a totally different way. If we compare our life with and without computers and the internet, we will find that there is a huge difference between the two. Today each activity is performed online be it trading, shopping, learning or anything else. Both the modes have their own pros and cons. Let’s compare the world of online with offline.

Advantages of Online over Offline

Cheaper : One could find things much cheaper at an online store. One could save a lot of money by buying stuff digitally. Not just buying goods is cheap but other things like marketing, learning etc are also much cheaper online.

Convenient : It is very convenient and simple to do things online. We could buy, trade, market the products, teach online etc very easily from our home. 

Low Investment High Return : One could start any commercial activity with small investment and could generate a good rate of return on it. This is so because one saves cost of land, building, staff etc on operating digitally.

Larger Reach: Online is a medium through which one could reach to larger public. One could connect and reach to the people of a limited region when they operate through offline mode. But the internet provides you a platform through which you could reach people across nations.

Earn Money : One could make money online through various means like e-teaching, e-commerce, digital marketing, blogging, data entry etc. 

Play and Earn Money : This is an amazing advantage. One could never think that they could make money just by playing games from their home. But computer and the internet have made this possible. One could earn real money by playing online games. For Instance: Royal07 is an online ludo game which empowers you to play ludo and earn paytm cash every day.

Advantages of Offline over Online 

Personal Touch: One can touch and feel the product at the retail store which is not possible in case of e-store. Similarly, one to one connection between the seller and buyer is absent at e-store.

Instant Purchase : One could buy the goods instantly through an offline store but one has to wait for few days to get the delivery if they ordered it on an e-store.

Immediate Return and Replace: One could immediately return the product if it is bought through an offline store but return and replacement of goods takes time when it has been bought through an online store.

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