New Ways to Earn Money Online <br><br>

New Ways to Earn Money Online

Are you in need of money? Are you looking for easy ways to earn money? No worries, there are many ways to make money online with less effort and in least time. Gone are the days when one could earn money only by working outside their home. Today one could make a good sum of money from their home itself. All credit goes to the Internet. It has not just made shopping easy and convenient but has made earning so simple. Let's look at some new ways to earn real money digitally.

Publish Your Book Online : If you're an author then it’s a great opportunity for you to go digital. One could sell their e-book by self publishing it on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. If one wants to sell the print version they could do it through Amazon Createspace which will print the book as and when an order is placed.

Sell Product Online: One could sell their product through Amazon Website. You just have to follow these simple steps. Open a seller account by providing your tax details like GST number, PAN etc and bank account details. Then you have to list your product which once approved will be displayed on Amazon’s website. Amazon notifies you through mail when an order is placed. If you opt for FBA, then shipping, payment, refund, query handling will all be handled by Amazon. But if you are on FBA , you have to pack the product and  

Sell Photos on Shutterstock : One could earn money by selling photos, illustration, clips to websites like Shutterstock, istock, Adobe Stock.

Testing Websites : Companies are hiring people to test their website so that they could end up developing a bug free, easy and simple website. They are paying good sum of money for giving valuable feedback and shortcoming on the website. To boost your sale online, you should design the best possible website where one could easily navigate and make a transaction easily without waiting much of their time.

Get Paid for Search : There are various sites like Askwonder which hire good researchers who could find answers to the burning questions. If you are good at searching you could make money online just by answering the questions which are yet not answered. 

Auction Goods Online : It has become easy to sell used items. Sites like OLX, eBay give you a platform where you could sell all non usable household items at good price. It is a good way to make money without making any effort.

Play Online Games : This is another simple and fun way to earn money online. Online games are in demand today. In order to attract new customers and retain the existing ones, Gaming companies are using tactics like Play and earn money , Refer and earn. Royal07 is an online Ludo game application where you could earn real money by playing ludo. Play ludo and earn paytm cash in just three simple steps with Royal07. Download the app, get yourself registered and play ludo and earn money.

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