Most Amazing Indoor Games<br><br>

Most Amazing Indoor Games

Nationwide lockdown in India due to Covid-19 has made our life boring and unproductive. Sitting idle at home is the most frustrating thing. Watching the news is not a good idea at this time because corona news is being telecasted which is creating negativity all around. One could think of the activities like cooking, playing skill based games, reading books, attending e-seminar spend their time. Playing indoor games along with the family at home and with friends online can be one of the most entertaining thing in this lockdown when it is suggested to be at home and maintain social distance to prevent oneself from the virus.

Here is the list of a few indoor games which one could play to entertain themselves as well as could make money by playing the same indoor game online. 

Ludo : It is an amazing and simple game. One could play it offline as well as online. To play it online, one just needs to download the ludo application on their mobile . One could also earn money online by playing the game of ludo. There are many ludo applications available which permits you to earn paytm cash just by playing and winning the game. Royal07 is one such application. 

Carrom : It is another fun game. In this game, the aim of the player is to pocket all the pieces of their chosen colour and the queen. One could download the carrom application to play and earn money online.

Hide and seek : This is a wonderful and most exciting indoor game. In this game, one player is the seeker who counts till ten on closing their eyes. The rest of the players had to hide themselves in the best possible place so that they could not be easily searched by the seeker. The goal of the seeker is to find all the players without getting hit by any of them. While the rest players make sure that they are not been caught and they chase the seeker 

Card Game : One could play a variety of games with a pack of cards . One could play games like poker, rummy, solitaire etc. One could download the card games application in case they don't have someone to play with or does not have a pack of cards available at home or have lost some of the cards of the deck.

Scrabble : It is a word building game. One earns a score on framing a word. This is a learning game. One could improve their vocabulary by learning new words each time they play it. 

Uno : It is a card game which can be played by a minimum of two players. The deck contains 108 cards. There are few cards like skip, draw two, draw four, wild which are advantageous in the hand of the player and a problem for their opponents. The goal of each player is to finish their cards. The player who gets rid of their last card wins the game.

Pictionary : This is an entertaining game. In this game, players are divided into two groups. One player of a group has to draw the picture while the other player from the same group has to guess the picture. The group with the maximum correct guess wins the game.

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