Ludo vs Snake & Ladder                              

Ludo vs Snake & Ladder                              

Ludo and snake & ladder are one of the most popular games of India. Ludo is one of the oldest games. Love for this game has yet not faded. This game is full of fun. It is played by mostly all the age groups. People with good analytical skill and luck could easily win the game.  While snake and ladder is mostly played by kids as it is very simple and requires no skill.


It is a board game played by rolling the dice. This game can be played by minimum two and maximum four players. But some of the online Ludo game applications facilitate six player mode. This game is played in the following manner.

  • Each player gets four pieces. The player has to roll the dice to get some number. The dice is numbered from one to six. The game begins only when a player gets a six
  • The goal of the player is to reach the finishing point. 
  • The first player who gets all his four pieces to the finishing point wins the game 

Snake & Ladder

Snake and ladder is another board game which is highly popular specially among kids. This board game contains snakes, ladder and digits from one to hundred. The player has to reach the end point which is number 100.  This game is played in following manner:

  • The player could move their piece on the board after getting six. 
  • If the piece lies at the mouth of a snake then the piece comes down. Therefore, snakes are a sign of danger. 
  • If the piece arrives at the bottom of the ladder then the piece goes up. Ladder is an advantage and helps you to reach the finishing point soon. 
  • The player which reaches the end point first wins the game.

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