Life Lesson From Ludo                              

Life Lesson From Ludo                              

Ludo is a board game introduced in 1896. Kids and adults love to play it. This game is still very popular among people of all age groups. One can learn a lot of life lessons from this game. Some of the life lessons taught by the game of Ludo are discussed below.

Thinking and Analytical Skill: The game of Ludo improves the thinking and analytical skill of players as they have to analyse their opponent’s action very carefully throughout the game and make decisions accordingly. This teaches us a very important lesson of life that we should first analyse the real life situation before making any decision.

Patience: Ludo teaches patience. In the game of ludo, you keep waiting for the number you require to make your desired move. There are times when you feel you're about to lose the game but you have no other option than to wait for the time when the game will be in their favour. Similarly, in real life we have to be patient in every damn situation and wait for the good time to come instead of panicking.

Competitive: Practising the game of ludo makes the player competitive since the players are competing with the opponent. Likewise, in our real life , we have to face the situations rather than running away from it. Competitive person are always ready to fight with every situation

Build Strategy: The players build strategies with regard to how to kill their opponents and win the game. They keep making changes in the strategy with the situation. Similarly, we have to plan our life to make it simple and happy. Situations come when our planning fails but we need not to panic at such situations. We just need to change our action according to the existing situation.

Hopeful : The player plays the game with a hope to win. Likewise, we have to be optimistic throughout our life so that we can deal with tough times easily with the hope that things will come to normal soon.

Observation: In this game, the player has to quietly observe the actions of their opponents before taking any step. Similarly in our real life, we should observe the actions and behaviour of others and then take any action. Therefore, the game teaches us an important lesson of life to be a good observer. Observation is a part of learning. We could learn a lot of skills and could gain knowledge just by observing things. A bird learns to fly by observing other birds and then practising it.

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