How to Earn Money Steadily from your App

How to Earn Money Steadily from your App

Users usually prefer to download and use those apps which are free to download. It simply means that freemium applications are given priority over paid apps. An app is developed after so much effort, time and money but people expect it to be available at free of cost. They are not willing to compensate an app developer for their hard work. In such a case, advertisement was the only way for an app developer to earn money from their app but it is found that an app user does not like watching advertisement while they are working on the application. Repeated advertisement annoys the users so much that they decide to delete the app. Now, comews the situation where a developer is left with no income source. Don’t worry, here is the list of ways in which you can earn money consistently from your app. 

In-app Purchase

It is an amazing way to make money from your app without losing your customer. An app developer could charge for additional features or could charge a subscription fee after allowing for a few free days of use or could give an option to buy goods from their app. 

Quality Services

The developer should ensure that the user experience should be so good by using the free version of the app that they themselves want to pay for the paid version. The developer should make sure that the users should be so impressed and content with the service quality of the app that they want to further use and pay for all it’s paid features and content. Let’s take an example of a gaming application where users are allowed to play few of the initial levels of the game for free. If the game is exciting, thrilling and fun to play, the user will immediately pay for the paid levels to play further. 

Rewards for the User

Everybody wants to make money quickly and easily. If a user could earn some money by using your app they will definitely download your app and use it for a long time. For instance, Royal07 which is an online ludo game app which pays it’s user on winning the game of ludo. Here, the user earns real money by two ways, one through referring to the app and second by playing and winning the game. There is an entry fee to play the game which the player is willing to pay for the sake of earning more on winning. Here, the tactic used by the app developer was to play ludo and earn money. These sorts of rewards attract users and keep them engaged. This is one of the best retention strategies which an app developer could use to motivate their target user to join them .

User Friendly 

One should make the app in such a manner that is very easy to navigate and explore. That is a new user should not have to make much effort in understanding how to use and operate  the app.

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