Games That Promotes Entrepreneurship

Games That Promotes Entrepreneurship

Games are a good teacher. They teach us lots of skills and help to build confidence. They make us competitive and fearless. It teaches us skills like teamwork, creativity, risk taking ability, logical thinking etc. They are not just a source of entertainment but a good way to acquire various skills. Gaming industry has gone through drastic changes over the last few years. It has been digitised. 

All the traditional games are now available in the form of an application either on the gaming website or the playstore. Digital games are being developed with entirely new concepts. You can take the example of a few of the popular games like Candy Crush, Angry Bird, Farm Ville PUBG. They are new kinds of games played digitally. Craze for digital games is rising with the increase in the number of mobile phone and internet users. 

Different games teach different qualities. For instance, puzzle teaches problem solving ability, chess teaches logical thinking, card games teach patience, relation building whereas games like scrabble, quiz are fun ways to test our knowledge. One tests the vocabulary while the other tests the general knowledge. Digitisation of games has made easy accessibility of all sorts of games at minimal cost which ensures unlimited fun and learning without any hindrance of time, place, cost or accessibility. 

One could learn almost all the characteristics of an entrepreneur by playing different games as each game has sometime for each one of us. Strategizing, planning, observation, problem solving ability, stress management, concentration, innovator, time management, patience are some of the qualities which are found in every successful entrepreneur. Monopoly is one of the best business games which trains you to buy, sell and build properties. You can work on improving your  decision making ability by playing this game.

Another game where one could learn some skills is the game of ludo that teaches the ability of taking risk which is an important characteristic of an entrepreneur. It also teaches observational skill, improves decision making and more skills like this. Ludo has been brought to the digital platform. One could now play ludo online by downloading the application on their mobile phone. One could play ludo and earn paytm cash by downloading Royal07 from it’s website.

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