Future of Online Gaming in India <br><br>

Future of Online Gaming in India

Rapid growth in the number of mobile users has a significant impact over many industries. Online Gaming is one such industry which is positively affected with the rise in use of smartphones. Be it an indoor or an outdoor game, all have shown their presence on the digital platform in more advanced form. Online games are played over some computer network, usually the internet. These games are made available through gaming websites, play store or through offline mode like DVD. These games could be played either individually or in groups. All the online games have both the modes i.e. single player and multiplayer. It is also a new way to connect with your friends and family. Online games are loaded with lots of features unlike offline games which includes chatting, connecting with new people, inviting and challenging your friends, earn real money or earn paytm cash by playing them etc.

As per the survey of KPMG, the market value of Indian online gaming is 290 million US dollar with 120 million online gamers as of 2016 which is estimated to grow to 1010 million US dollar with 310 million online gamers by 2021.There are 290 smartphone users and 409 Internet users  which are expected to rise to 470 and 735 respectively by 2021.These figures shows that the  India gaming industry has a bright future. One should not hesitate in investing in such an industry with lots of potential. Due to global pandemic, more and more people are being introduced to this platform. Craze of online games is rising due to the earning model. Online games are a new platform to make money from. It is a fun way to earn money. 

The developers must research in depth about their target customer (i.e. online gamer) before developing the game. As per KPMG, an average Indian online gamer is a male below 24 years of age who is introduced to the world of online gaming by their friends and family. They love to play action and adventurous games. They prefer to play online games on mobile phones. The motive behind playing online games is social interaction and stress management.They spend on an average 30 min per day  on online games. On an average a player could invest Rs. 200 per transaction. Maximum of them prefer to download the app from the app store.

The top three online games of 2019 by revenue are Call of duty, Dragon Quest Walk and Black desert and by downloads are Free Fire, Fun Race 3d and Subway Surfer. Candy crush, PUBG, Farm villie are some other most popular and trending games. With this information, one could make a decision as to which kind of game is more demanding/preferred in the market. It is also found in the KPMG survey that freemium games are more successful than paid ones in terms of revenue. Indian gaming industry has the potential to become a game exporter to the developing nations if they grab this opportunity at the right time.

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