Earn Money Through Real Estate <br><br>

Earn Money Through Real Estate

Real estate investment means investing your money in buying properties like land, office, call center, apartment, shopping malls etc. There are many ways in which you could invest in real estate to earn money.  Let’s look at different ways to invest in real estate.

House Flipping : Here the investor buys a house at a low price and refurbishes it and sells it out at a higher price therefore making a good sum of profit. The toughest job here is to estimate the cost of renovation. The investor has to keep his renovation cost as low as possible so that they could sell it at a price at which the buyer is willing to buy and earn profit.

Real Estate Investment Trust : If an investor is not comfortable in buying property directly then they could invest in real estate through REIT. These trusts accumulate funds from a large number of such investors and invest the collected funds in various commercial properties like shopping malls, data centers, apartments, offices etc. The investors have a share in those commercial properties. The investor buys the trust share and trades it like securities on stock exchange. The revenue earned by the trust  is shared among the investors. 

Become a Landlord : Under this strategy, the investor buys the property and becomes the owner. Later he could rent out the property or could mortgage the property to acquire a loan which could be used to buy another property or could sell the property at a profit.

Invest in Real Estate Mutual Fund : Mutual funds are organisations which accumulate the fund from a large number of investors and invest the pool of funds into the shares of REIT or real estate companies. These funds could be open ended or close ended.

House Hacking : Under this method, you buy a property with multiple floors or units be it an apartment or a house. You live in a part of property and rent out the rest of the units. This way you could cut down your daily expenses. 

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